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Baden-Baden thermal baths
Regeneration is part of every training plan. Because only during the breaks can the human organism, which is stressed by the sport, recover from the strain or gradually adjust to the permanent strain. Premium fitness also requires premium recovery - that's why you can relax with us in the most beautiful thermal spa in Baden-Baden on 5000 square meters in the best thermal water in Baden-Württemberg!

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Thermal water
For more than 2000 years, the thermal water in Baden-Baden has been bubbling up from a depth of 2000 meters, with temperatures of up to 68.8°C. It contains over 3000 dissolved minerals, including the valuable minerals sodium, chloride, calcium, potassium, hydrogen carbonate, fluoride, lithium and silicic acid. This makes it one of the most mineral-rich thermal waters in Baden-Württemberg. The balanced mineralization regenerates, stimulates and activates the whole body. Due to its warmth and ingredients, the thermal water has a relaxing effect on the muscles, joints and skin and helps to reduce stress by reducing cortisol levels.

Aqua massage for the

Ultimate regeneration
Take advantage of our numerous aqua massage options to relieve muscle tension. The pressure of the water jets stimulates blood circulation and tissue regeneration, activates the metabolism and helps to relieve musculoskeletal pain. A total of 33 massage jets at various heights are available to you in the thermal water pools of the Caracalla Spa, as well as 12 bubble seats, 5 bubble loungers and 11 neck showers. In our 3 whirlpools (38°C) and the 2 indoor and outdoor air bubble pools, the combination of water, heat and pleasant hydromassage relieves joints, spine and ligaments and provides an incomparable feeling of deep relaxation.

Our saunas

Sweating for your health
The strain during training causes microscopic injuries to the muscles. The heat in the sauna promotes relaxation of the muscles. Circulation is stimulated and blood flow is improved. As a result, minor injuries heal better. Strains and tension caused during training are alleviated by a sauna session. A sauna session has also been proven to alleviate the dreaded muscle soreness that often occurs after intensive sport. In addition, the combination of sauna and sport strengthens the immune system. Regular sauna sessions and exercise make you more resistant to colds.

Feel-good massage &

Wellness offers

Reward yourself after training with a revitalizing massage in our wellness oasis, which is directly accessible from the training area. After training, the massage loosens stressed muscle groups, promotes blood circulation and accumulated lactate is removed. This is not only good for you, but also shortens the regeneration time.

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